The People

core team with paofiv2

PAOFI Team (Fel, Nikki, Jon, Michelle), Javi Amador, Fr. Julio Cuesta, Basti Belmonte (Co-Founder), Michael Singson, and Joshua Emmanuel Tan (Co-Founder).

The MEALenium Project is a community project.

It is founded by two teenagers.  Philip Sebastian (“Basti”) Belmonte and Joshua Emmanuel Tan, both high school students, they attend outreach activities with their families annually in Payatas. However, they recently felt the need to create a program that could continue providing for the community year-round. Thus, the idea for the MEALenium Project was born.

Joshua and Basti are collaborating closely with the Payatas Orion Foundation and Fr. Julio Cuesta, a St. Benedict Parish priest and a committed advocate for the Payatas children. Together, they will work to ensure that the neediest children in the community receive the nourishment and support that all children deserve.

The MEALenium Project core team

The MEALenium Project core team L-R: Javi Amador, Joshua Emmanuel Tan (Co-Founder), Michael Singson, Basti Belmonte (Co-Founder)