Spearheaded by Erika Chua (MEALenium Project Chairperson for Scholarship) and through a partnership with the Tanging Yaman Foundation, the team was able to set up a Community Pantry for Payatas. Beneficiaries of the community pantry include the scholars of The MEALenium Project as well as families in the area who are still reeling from the effects of continuous lockdowns because of the pandemic.
Sourcing of reasonably priced vegetables and rice was one of the initiatives of Erika to ensure that a lot of families can benefit from this community pantry. With the help of the church, the distribution of the food packs was orderly and well received by the families.
To date, The MEALenium Project has distributed over 1,600 food packs to the community! This is a huge feat, especially during these difficult times. Big thanks to all donations in cash and in kind as well all the help received in organizing The MEALenium Community Pantry.

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Beneficiaries of the community pantry organized by Erika Chua of The MEALenium Project

The MEALenium Project scholars receive their food packs from the community pantry organized by Erika Chua.


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