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The MEALenium Project Background:

It was founded by two teenagers in year 2015.  Philip Sebastian Belmonte and Joshua Emmanuel Tan, both high school students, felt the need to create a program that could continue providing meals for undernourished kids in the community year-round.

While Belmonte and Tan are now in college, the work they have started continues in Payatas. The Mealenium Project is currently managed by Erika C. Chua, Scholarship Program Chairperson; Francis C. Gonzales, Feeding Program Chairperson; and Isaac Theodore Siy, Tutorials Progam Chairperson.

The MEALenium Project works closely with the Payatas Orion Foundation and Fr. Julio Cuesta, a St. Benedict Parish priest and a committed advocate for the Payatas children. Together, they ensure that the neediest children in the community receive the nourishment and support that all children deserve.

In photo: Erin Dominique Chua (second row from left) – Scholarship Program Chair and Joshua Emmanuel Tan (first person on right)- Co-Founder of The MEALenium Project with The MEALenium Project scholars for SY 2018-2019


In photo: Alexa Isabella Kahn, Feeding Program Chair with the feeding program beneficiaries for 2016-2017.

Isaac Theodore Siy, Dr. Lots Doligon, Joshua Emmanuel Tan, Philip Sebastian Belmonte and Erin Dominique Chua at 2016 Anti-Dengue Seminar sponsored by The MEALenium Project.

In photo: Last row, Philip Sebastian Belmonte with the children beneficiaries of the study hall and tutorial center.

The MEALenium Project community