During the last 6 months that NCR has been in quarantine, it has been extra challenging for The MEALenium Project beneficiaries and scholars to get adequate food supplies. During these hard time, additional fundraising efforts were spearheaded by Erika Chua and her team to be able to continuously send fresh produce to the beneficiaries of The MEALenium Project and their families. With the help of FIC ice cream and Kai Farms, they were also able to give the Payatas community pots of organic alugbatti which they can continuously grow and propagate plus raise enough money to buy 225 kilos of assorted vegetables from the Tanging Yaman Foundation headed by Fr. Manoling Francisco.

Even in these tough times, there are still many ways to be able to help and reach out to the Payatas community which The MEALenium Project has been taking care of for over five years now.

You can directly donate cash to sponsor a child for a month’s worth (or more!) of nutritious meals
for only P25 per day x 5 days = P125 / week or P6,500 for a whole year. Message Erika Chua at: 09178830323

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