We have achieved the goal of getting over 30 kids at St. Benedict, Payatas out of malnutrition. Feeding Program Chair, Alexa Isabella Kahn has made it her advocacy to maintain the good nutrition of the kids by encouraging the parents of the children to plant more vegetables and to incorporate more greens into the children’s meals even at home. This will ensure that even if they are out of the feeding program, they are fed meals that are not only budget-friendly but very nutritious as well.

Alexa Kahn serves Tinolang Manok with malunggay (Chicken soup with malunggay leaves) to the kids at the feeding center.

Isaac Siy, Tutorials Program Chair assists in the feeding of the children at the center.

Chicken soup with malunggay served with brown rice is a staple in the feeding center. Nutritious and filling, this is one of the favorite meals of the kids.

Kids enjoy their nutritious and filling meals at The MEALenium Project feeding center.

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