The MEALenium Project marks it’s 4th year in the service of the Payatas community, Alexa Kahn – Chairperson for the Feeding Center with the help of Isaac Siy – Chairperson for Tutorial Programs and Erin Dominique Chua – Chairperson for Scholarships continue with tradition by hosting the annual Christmas party for the children and their families. 

The annual Christmas party also marks the culmination of the feeding program year that transpired. For 2018, the feeding program achieved over 94% success in ensuring the kids are within the normal weight category. Kahn’s introduction of the Herbs and Vegetable garden has also shown improvement on the children’s overall attendance, general health and appearance. Gone are the weekly sniffles and skin rashes through the feeding center’s incorporation of adding more vegetables into their daily meals and using medicinal herbs to treat common illnesses such as colds and skin rashes. More importantly, at the end of 2018, the children and the volunteers truly enjoy being part of The MEALenium Project family. 

This 2019, The MEALenium Project continues to support the children not only in ensuring their health but also in achieving their dreams. The daily feeding, weekly tutorials and the scholarship programs that The MEALenium Program offer all contribute in making a difference in the children’s lives. 

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